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Babcock LDP is part of the UK's leading education support and improvement service. We work with academies, schools and settings, Devon County Council, other Local Authorities and with a range of regional and national bodies. Babcock LDP provides a single integrated service, which enables us to understand more fully the needs of customers and to deliver the best services to meet those needs in a coherent way. 

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The Impact of COVID-19 for Learners with SEND: The Good and the Bad

An exciting additional SEND event introduced in response to COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to be bringing you this additional SEND Seminar in February 2021. With our educationally renowned keynotes speakers originally booked for the 2020 SEND conference, we are sure this half day seminar will provide you with uplifting and expert insights.

Rona Tutt is an inspirational school leader and advocate for SEND, and her well respected writing and speaking will set the tone for the day.

We also have Fintan O'Regan delivering relevant, interesting and challenging viewpoints of SEND. His work has helped to provide clarity, empathy and understanding of our most vulnerable learners.

Event Date 08-02-2021 9:00 am
Individual Price £105.00
Maths Mind Snacks for Teachers

We are offering a range of one hour PD sessions focussed on specific areas of mathematics, which will allow teachers to work on some maths together as part of a wider mathematics community.  This will include exploring understanding of concepts and structures and considering how to make best use of the ideas with learners. 

Teachers can attend one or multiple sessions: (see list below)

  • Games to support understanding of number R/Y1/2 - 3rd March
  • Additive fluency through reasoning Y1/2 - 9th March
  • Additive fluency through reasoning Y3/4 - 10th March
  • Additive fluency through reasoning Y5/6 - 11th March
  • Fostering Inquiring Minds Y5/6 - 24th March
  • Number Sense Y1/2 - 20th April
  • Number Sense Y3/4 - 21st April
  • Number Sense Y5/6 - 22nd April
  • Fostering Inquiring Minds Y3/4 - 28th April
  • Fostering Inquiring Minds Y1/2 - 12th May
  • Maths and Art Y5/6 - 13th May
  • Multiplicative fluency through reasoning Y3/4 - 19th May
  • Multiplicative fluency through reasoning Y5/6 - 20th May
  • Visualising shapes KS2 - 8th June
  • Procedural variation Y1/2 - 22nd June
  • Procedural variation Y3/4 - 23rd June
  • Procedural variation Y5/6 - 24th June
Event Date 03-03-2021 3:45 pm
Individual Price free of charge for Devon maintained schools
Embracing Change: Turning Uncertainty into Adventure

Human beings tend to dislike the idea of uncertainty. It is full of the unknown and the unpredictable, which easily makes us anxious. Ironically, excitement contains all the same qualities, but just the term ‘excitement’ creates a very different expectation.

In this event with Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk, we will look at the differences between uncertainty and excitement, thinking especially about how they shape children’s behaviour. Some children (and adults too) can cope with uncertainty better than others. What explains that difference, and how can that knowledge be applied in the classroom? Dr Zeedyk will use her analogy of Sabre Tooth Tigers to highlight the biological underpinnings of uncertainty, which will serve as a good basis for creating practical ideas for how teachers can comfort children’s anxieties about uncertainties and even, turn them into excitement!

Of course, change always starts with the adults. It promises to be a morning of insight and ideas!

Event Date 04-03-2021 9:00 am
Behaviour Conference: Are Your Children Able to Learn?

This conference will explore relational approaches that seek to meet the needs of all our learners, including children at risk.

A key Ofsted question is ‘Are your children able to learn?

Learning behaviours and wellbeing are intrinsically linked and the current Ofsted framework puts an increased focus on pupil well-being, behaviour and attitudes.

“Students who are anxious, angry or depressed don’t learn; people who are in these states do not take in information efficiently or deal with it well” – Daniel Goleman

This conference will explore relational approaches that seek to meet the needs of all our learners, including children at risk. Keynote speakers and workshop leaders will help you develop universal provision within your setting that will benefit key individuals and all other children through:

  • Developing and maintaining threads of connection
  • Establishing classroom steadiness through co-regulation
  • Promoting a sense of calm in our learning environments
Event Date 30-03-2021 9:00 am
Individual Price £165.00
All in This Together: Making SEND Everybody's Business

Following on from the COVID-19 pandemic - we are thrilled to be able to still bring you the All in This Together Conference: Making SEND Everybody's Business.

Our educationally renowned keynote speakers will provide uplifting and expert insights and a range of workshops, including a showcase of effective Governance and SENCo collaboration from a South West school, will enable you to go back to school feeling refreshed, updated and positive.

Event Date 10-06-2021 9:00 am
Individual Price £160.00