The Power of Community and Collaboration

The CPD Portal aims to 'join the dots' for organisations delivering and managing educational CPD. Subscribers to the platform can use it to promote their events to an audience of nearly 10 000 users. The Portal is ‘Booking Platform Agnostic’ – it doesn’t matter where your events are being processed, you can add them to the Portal’s CPD catalogue.

Users click the ‘Register’ button next to an event listing and they’re routed through to the site where the event’s bookings are being managed. Many organisations use services such as EventBrite, Google Forms or Third Party booking systems; the Portal can accommodate all events regardless of how bookings are managed by an organisation.  

How can the Portal Support Support Your Organisation?

Reach - Your organisation has it's own website or booking platform and you promote your CPD opportunities through social media and your networks and you're still not achieving the level of engagement with your organisation's CPD you aspire to. Through the CPD Portal you can connect your CPD catalogue into a larger community catalogue. We're mindful you've spent time and energy in developing your organisation's brand - you won't lose it, every event you add will retain your branding.


Search Simplified - Users can find CPD from one simple search box, searching across an extensive catalogue of CPD from over 80 CPD Providers across the UK and beyond. If the event is added to the CPD Portal you’ll find it there.

Enter a phrase and the Portal will display the CPD available.  Users can also carry out an advanced search by category or even postcode. This video outlines the CPD search and promote CPD functionality.


Marketing - We continue to work in partnership and work very closely with many organisations (DfE, RSC, LAs, Teaching School Council SW, Teaching Schools, Teaching School Hubs, Teaching School Alliances, the Education Endowment Fund, Whole School SEND etc) to deliver a live platform for collaboration and communication across the education sector.  We also have good penetration into many regional and national education networks. In fact both the Teaching School Council SW and Regional Commissioner’s Office in SW England use the Portal for communications across the region.

Intelligence - Use the platform's search function to find out about the CPD opportunities across your organisation's catchment. For example if there are lots of CPD events in your area on Middle Leadership, should you deliver yet another similar event? or design a CPD offer based around the professional development needs of individuals in your area currently not catered for. We also share the platform's advanced metrics and reporting with subscribing CPD Providers to develop and manage further CPD opportunities. 

Extend your organisations reach and profile today by joining the platform.

* We use the revenue from subscriptions to cover the cost of infrastructure and management to provide this platform to the educational community. 

How do I begin Promoting My Organisation through the Platform?

  2. Login 
  3. Create a CPD Event
  4. Publish the Event
  5. Event is Searchable in CPD Catalogue

Adding a CPD Event is as Simple as ABC…

Simply register for a 'CPD Provider' account, log into the platform, add your event by completing the ‘Add an Event’ form and begin promoting your events to a wider audience.

Once your events have been added they'll show up in the platform's CPD catalogue and search functionality. We'll also work to actively promote your CPD events across our networks and mailing lists.


We’ve created a new ‘Help’ area on the Portal . From here you can view the most common support questions raised by CPD Providers. You can also contact support by filling in the ‘Contact Portal Support’ form on the Contact Page.

If you'd like to talk to us please contact our 'Collaboration Lead' 

If you’re having problems using your Portal account, please go to the ‘Contact’ menu on the Regional Portal, fill in the ‘Contact Portal Support’ form and we’ll be happy to assist you.






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